Time flies, doesn't it?

"can u believe that H&M's fall catalouge is already out?! lol sorry that was too random.. hahah"

Stefan- yes i can, it's almost fall haha

As usual, Stefan is making a whole lot more sense than I am. I'm writing this in english so that he won't have to translate it. I am looking forward this fall though, a lot because of the fashion it will bring. I've always liked fall fashion better than any other season, I just do. Oh, hopefully Emily and Stefan will get their butts over here (to my house) soon so that I can get my mind off last night, I'm still not calm really. I can't believe that I actually got to experience that. But oh well, always a good story to tell your friends and family haha. I'm still kind of freaked out. That's why I'm going to look throught all of H&M's newest pieces and just try to relax... If possible... However after only 5 hours of sleep, it's hard to concentrate. Sorry, random subject! Back to the main subject, fashion.
These are my favorites that I don't think I'll be able to resist when the leaves start to turn orange....
Or let me refrase that, my fav's so far.

Postat av: Alexandra - Uppsalas största blogg

Hej :) jag har en tävling där du kan vinna ett valfritt märkesplagg/produkt från bla converse, gucci, louis vuitton, victorias secret osv!

Det vore jättekul om du var med :)

Det är bara klicka här på länken för att komma till tävlingen;


2011-07-31 @ 03:15:50
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